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Welcome to the Antique Scrapbook

Photo of Antique Scrapbook

    This site was created to show off scrapbook pages and photographs of an authentic vintage scrapbook that dates in the early 1900's. The main goal of this website was to make a digital online photo album from a real vintage scrapbook. The site grew some to include the history behind why the antique scrapbook web site was started as well as the person who made the photo album in the first place, my grand mother. All the images from the scrapbook on this site are real antique photos scanned from the vintage photo album. Hopefully you will take some time and enjoy a look into American history that is offered from the vintage scrapbook as well as the diary entries of Mary Evelyn. It really is amazing to see how times have greatly changed since the 1900's.   

    If you read Mary Evelyn's history first you will gain a better connection between the person, the times and the scrapbook pages. You can get a brief look into the life of an artistic middle class American girl living life in rural Texas during the 1900's.

Site Summary
  • About Mary: The story of Mary Evelyn and excerpts from her diary.
  • Interesting Pages: Sample of online scrapbook pages for those who just want a quick look.
  • Small Pages 1 Cover and First 20 pages of the online scrapbook.  Small picture version.
  • Small Pages 2 Page 21 to 40 of the antique scrapbook.  Small Low Resolution format.
  • Small Pages 3 Pages 41 to Back Cover of Antique Scrapbook.  Small picture display.
  • Large Pages 1 Large Hi-Res images of the vintage scrapbook.  For those with fast internet.
  • Large Pages 2 Large versions of pages 21 to 40 of the vintage scrapbook.
  • Large Pages 3 Large version from 41 to back cover of the vintage scrapbook.
  • Scrapbook History: Story of how the site got started and what was hoped to be accomplished.
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